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Wild Game Tasting

Join us at the Gyp Hills Guest Ranch for a fun evening. Wild game will be provided and prepared by our local hunters. You can expect a delicious variety and good conversation.  Proceeds go to support Kicking Bear Ministries, Kicking Bear Kansas Camp and Veterans' Hunt.

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You may be only one person in this world, but you may be the world to one Child.

Kicking Bear Kansas


Sportsmen and women are encouraged to help support this program by mentoring children from outside their home that might not have the opportunity to get involved in outdoor activities.  

This campout is a great way to introduce youth to the outdoors and to the sport of archery.  The program’s mission is to help underprivileged and at-risk youth, or any youth, who want to get into the outdoors.  Kicking Bear events are free to everyone who wishes to participate. 

By encouraging others to reach outside their homes, we can help put dreams in these kids’ hearts that will change their lives.  The Kicking Bear Ministry impacts the youth of tomorrow by giving them opportunities to enjoy God’s creation, while experiencing fun outdoor activities such as archery while building friendships.  Nothing we do is as important as the impact we have on today’s youth.  Although the activities are not seen as ends in themselves, they are used as vehicles for creating values, building skills, and solidifying peer and adult relationships.  Any engaging activity is one that holds the youth’s attention, awakens their imagination and inspires them to want to learn more.

If there is a child that you know who might not have the opportunity to otherwise enjoy outdoor sports, this is the perfect event that can open that door.  Families can bring another friend along as one of their own.  Or adults who may not have children at home can take advantage of the group setting where the kids can be comfortable with both peers and adults. 

It could be the start of a great friendship!